Monday, September 30, 2013

Finally.... some pictures!

I am back! Last week was a fast one, yet long, if that is possible. Jeremy and I enjoyed a fun date night at The Club. gorgeous, gorgeous views and great food! We stay busy most weeks, with daily routines, things to do, date nights, organizing, cleaning, or projects. Its about time that it is all done and we just rest. I feel the exhaustion by Thursdays and that is the 3rd trimester creeping in. Some like to say I am "nesting" with all the reorganizing, cleaning out, projects, etc.. but those that know me just know its just ME. I would do this preggo or not. My OCD, loving to organize, completing projects, etc... Just always takes over.

I was excited that Bama was back at home this weekend. We went to T-town on Saturday for the Ole miss/Bama game! So much fun tailgating and watching the kids play. It was gorgeous weather too. I loved the cool weather in the morning and it made for a nice morning of climbing hills. I took several pictures from the day... I am back on the least for now. Will try to keep it up. I really want to post nursery pics soon... I just love it. Each day I light the candle, turn the lamps on, and just pretend its already being used. I have been waiting on this little nursery for a long time. I already have the gender neutral things in the closet and organized. I am big on those clothes and shoes being organized with everything matching and color coded! I have been this way for years. My closet and Jeremy's is all ROY G BIV with black velvet hangers. Picky...extreme...but looks neat. However, the kids closets are the same way. Makes for an easy way to find things and looks nice.

I have a doctor's appointment 1 week from today then I get to see him every 2 weeks. I can't believe it. I am sleeping really good at the moment, except for when this baby starts his/her gymnastics moves about 4:00 am. After about 10 minutes "baby" settles down and I can go back to sleep. I remember with CK how much I loved feeling the baby move though. That is my favorite part!

Here are pictures from the weekend:

                                                                   Game day Ready!

These boots are my favorite! If they had them in my size, I would have them. I am boot lover anyways!

Jace and Charlee Kate were so cute playing!!!

                 This picture cracks me up because it is all natural! Blake, Jace, and Charlee Kate
 Sunday we headed out for a walk! I had to snap a picture of her playing in the nursery. She enjoys going in there as much as I do!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Weather

And... the fall weather begins!!! This weather just makes me so excited! Right about now and the next 6 months I just LOVE LOVE living in the south! The fall weather is amazing. We literally walk everywhere because it is so gorgeous and the leaves are just starting to change a little bit. Charlee Kate is in Charlotte with my parents and visiting her cousins. She is just beside herself too. Nothing could make her happier! Jeremy and I enjoyed the whole day yesterday eating outside, sitting by the swing and firepit, and relaxing. It is amazing! I think we will have to have our date night somewhere that we can eat outside tonight. It is too pretty NOT to! Looking forward to the next few Alabama home games and this type of weather! More pictures as soon as my little one is back with me!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Clothes... a favorite topic always. These are just a few "funnies".

One... I am already wearing boots. Our school stays so cold, they are flat and easy to walk in for me, so .... they work! I just love them with my dresses and skirts right now too. I wore these yesterday with a cute fitted black dress. One of the teacher's told me that I totally had her "girls approval". So I guess I am in with the 4th grade, LOL.

Two... Jeremy called me this morning when I left and said "did you know CK did not like what you picked out to wear?". I guess she ended up wearing it but it wasn't her favorite. She is definitely my opinionated child on clothes and usually goes with what I like. Funny thing is... she is totally ME! My mom, dad, and sister would be laughing b/c they knew this would be coming back at me. I was this way back at 2 years old and still am at 34 years old. Picky picky.... that is just me and it has rubbed off on Charlee Kate.

A few other updates.... Just waiting on a couple more things to come in for Baby Wilson's Nursery and then I will post pictures. It shouldn't be too much longer! NYC did finally come through and deliver a very fabulous thing. I am sure Baby Wilson will love it, but mommy will for sure. I had to "betrary" my first love (LV) but they just don't make diaper bags anymore.

The baby is just everywhere and I love being kicked nonstop! I prayed and prayed for a little one to kick me again and what a blessing. It's beginning to feel more and more like fall! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin candles...I just love fall and winter! 

Baby bag

Monday, September 16, 2013

Some good old Football!

Friday night was just gorgeous! The cooler weather that came in for the weekend was absolutely fabulous! Of course... I am ALWAYS up for cooler weather. We went to eat with Jenn, Michael, and the kids before going to the Homewood Football game Friday night. Jace is in Kindergarten and CK starts next year so we figured the 4 of us have about 12-14 years of Homewood football games in our future. We are starting early with all the kids. They were so cute together!!
The rest of the weekend was AL football... which was awesome! Of course it was because we won, but I like it when we win by several touchdowns, rather than the last few minutes. Whew! All that matters was that we won. That AU game was even a good one! It was a good weekend for Football. We enjoyed lots of time at the lake as well. The weeks are flying. I can't believe I have entered my 3rd trimester already!!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Thursday

Pretty much this posts just sums it up!! Happy happy! Charlee Kate's teachers told me that one day they said "Charlee Kate why do you NEVER whine at school?". Her response was "I am just always happy!". Melted my heart! Now she can whine some at home for mommy and daddy, but that is okay. Much better than at school. She is so excited about our fun filled weekend!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


My post from the weekend.... What a great weekend to be home! It's been awhile since we have just been HOME but the last 2 weekends we have been home and they have been productive ones for us! Nursery is about 90% complete, basement got cleaned out (for the millionth time) but all the baby stuff is out and organized, Jeremy has his man cave in order, and the list goes on. I feel like we are almost there. The nursery makes me so excited! I love how its turning out! 

Saturday night we went to eat at one of our favorite nice restaurants. Here's a picture of two of my favorites!!! I promise to do better about including pics of my belly (just for my Aunt Linda!... somehow my focus is always on a little one other than me, but I do need more belly pics!)

She told me that she wanted her "high heels" on for this picture so she stood on her tippy toes! Boy is she my child or what! haha! She was still dressed in her Bama outfit even though we were "off" this past weekend. Thank goodness my team is back on the calendar this week!
Chloe was so glad the baby bouncy was back out! So was CK bc her baby doll is in it quite a bit

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Going going's been busy!

Saw my little munchkin (in my tummy) moving around like crazy! Every 2-3 weeks I have to go in and see this baby so I call my friend and go. It was nice going to the hospital for ultrasound vs ER. Went the other night to ER, had to stay until morning but all was ok. This baby can make me stop right in my tracks and not much does that!! I love it though!! 

Renovation is wrapping up, big big preview MJ party at my house this past week, nursery coming together big time, football has started, baby Wilson (abd mommy) has a surprise due to arrive any day, so we are well into the fall. Just more fall weather is welcomed!! bye bye 90 degrees! Loving it all 

Friday morning breakfast with my girl! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy birthday Charlee Kate

Yesterday was Charlee Kate's 4th birthday. It seems like yesterday that my precious baby girl was born! She is absolutely the sweetest most loving little girl and is our little angel! She has a lot of her daddy in her and some of me too haha! Charlee Kate is my mini me...loves shoes, dresses, lipgloss, purses, shopping, AL football, and even...pumpkin everything! She loves walking everywhere in Homewood with us, playing with her friends, her church choir and SS, and her school. I would say she is super smart! I love how she uses her manners and yes mam, no mam. We are trying to raise that little southern, christian girl. I couldn't be more blessed to be her mommy and baby Hatley or baby Beckham will be so lucky to have her as a big sister. I know I am partial bc she is mine : ) we thank God everyday for her and this little baby on the way. 

Happy 4th birthday to my precious girl!