Wednesday, December 31, 2014

1st birthday pictures

Beckham's birthday was so much fun! Beautiful sunny day, not too cold, not too crowded, and plenty of family and friends! It was circus themed. I had the most amazing balloon twister and face painter come. Their talents amazed me but totally kept everyone entertained (even adults) 

A retake of the cake pictures after all was said and done 

A birthday collage from the year! 
His birthday cake and smash cake! We were having so much fun that I forgot to cut the cake! So Beckham had a very expensive and large smash cake for later on
Lots of food, decorations, and good stuff! 

We had most of the entertainment outside! Pizza, peanuts, bottles drinks, candy, you name it! 
A circus party has to have....A popcorn machine! 

Dad fed Beckham his food during the fun

A typical happy birthday cake picture 
Charlee Kate and Harper. Best friends!

This guy could make anything 

Anna and Elsa balloons 

Face painting galore! 
Beckham and his sweet friend Wells

Just a few of the balloon twisters creations...Elsa, Anna, Spider-Man, elephants, you name it! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Photo fun!

Christmas Eve Eve photo fun! Rainy day...happy babies...took some pictures! I wanted them in the elephant outfits from Beckham's birthday because I didn't get many good ones that day. Charlee Kate can always make him smile! 
Showing off her gingerbread house. I bought the dylans candy bar set at neimans. It was super cute! We made it early. I loved how the sun porch turned out this year. I have a better idea for the tree next year though. I live cmas decorations 

Mouth full of teeth! Bring them on because they hurt this sweet boy when they make their entrance. The faster they are in, the better!
Just melts my heart! I love Christmas time 
Loved these outfits on them but I have to be quick with photos these days 
Modeling some of my favorite Christmas outfits 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

December happenings

December was fun, actually relaxing in some ways, but still busy! Busy with fun things! I have a lot of posts to make to capture it all, and it's all coming!!!

The Wilson Christmas at our house was on December 14. We needed a change this year. It was going to be a harder Christmas without Jeremy's dad so we needed something a little different. Jeremy and I hosted Christmas at our house. It was also the weekend of Beckham's birthday so it was a perfect weekend! The kids had a great time! Ours are the only "babies left" 
We surprised the family with lunch at Ruth Chris. There are a lot of reasons but 18 people in one place is a lot to start with. We rented out this room and hosted it here. It was a great surprise...Jeremy's thoughts 😄. He is always good with surprises though. Afterwards, we had desserts and presents back at our house. 

All the grand kids! (Except Matthew. They didn't make it this year)
Another Christmas event we wanted to make happen...ride on the carousel at the galleria. It's all reindeer and CK wanted to ride Rudolph. Beckham wanted me to hold him

Heading to church at Christmas time! 
The Homewood Christmas parade! I think we have the best parade lasts forever but the kids always love it! We walked up with neighbors and one of Charlee Kate's school friends. It's even better that we just get to walk! Love living close to everything!!!
Mary Carter and Charlee Kate! It was a cold night...perfect for a parade
Beckham watched from the stroller. Afterwards, Charlee Kate wanted to count her candy and this little guy watched (with his hat hair!)

A day for lunch, movie, and playing at our house. This is what Christmas time away from school is all about! 
Charlee Kate did a cheer camp the same weekend of Beckham's party and the Wilson Christmas (whew). She cheered at one of the HW basketball games. She loves to cheer (like her mommy did)

We made our gingerbread house in November. Early but couldn't wait! It turned out super cute. It was a dylans candy bar kit but I bought it at Neimans. So the "door" had NM as the initials. We had to change those

Thankful that Jeremy's mom is always snapping away with her camera! I get a lot of my pictures from her