Monday, January 25, 2016

Week after

Finally back on track and back into a routine after our trip. We had a great week being back despite the cold rain. School was dismissed early Friday for the chance of snow and that is always exciting! The weekend was a very cold one but a much needed "be at home" one! 

I brought Leyton home from school with Charlee Kate. The snow wasn't sticking but it was falling hard so they headed out to play 

Saturday morning I had the Ronald McDonald race. It was cold! 20 degree temps, windy, flurry temps but I finished! 10 miles! We headed home quickly for me to shower then on to Tuscaloosa for the championship parade and presentation. 

We are in pink bc staying warm was the goal! 
This little guy loved it! Such a trooper
After the presentation and lunch, we went to the AL/LSU game. The kids loved the basketball game. It was a little more exciting and fast pace, even though I know B was about to fall asleep. I never miss naps and we did this day so he was out as soon as we got in the car. This game will be one of many we will attend 
Sunday church! 
Cheer banquet Sunday afternoon! Charlee Kate was excited for her first trophy

Charlee Kate lost her 2nd tooth. This is what the tooth fairy created

Epcot...the last park

The last park we went to was Epcot. Even though I have now determined we should start and end with magic kingdom (maybe bc that is my personal all time favorite), this was a great "last" park! 

Charlee Kate's favorite things at Epcot were the countries and test track. This was a day hardly anyone was there. It turned out to be the perfect day! 

Lunch in Norway with the princesses! Another great character dining experience 

Same Jasmine from the castle! The others a little different 👑😳

The first stop with our traveling bear...Japan 
2nd stop...USA
3rd stop....
4th stop...Germany 
5th stop...China 
6th stop...Norway
7th stop...Mexico 
8th stop...Canada 
9th country...United Kingdom 

11th country...France 

Next we had pictures with the Disney characters (again). But the last time was a dining experience 

The last ride at the parks...test track! Hands down our favorite! 60 mph..and of course we designed a pink car

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hollywood 3

Hollywood studios was our 3rd Disney park day but our 4th day in Orlando. This turned out to be one of our favorites! Especially the Frozen sing a long (title is an understatement bc it was awesome)! Another beautiful day...started out windy but then lightened up. 

Sophia the first. Not the most important Disney character but Charlee Kate used to watch that show all the time
Minnie Mouse! Who wouldn't love her?? She was always my favorite as a little girl

Doc McStuffins. Another old character CK used to watch in shows
Green toy soldier...we loved the toy story ride!!!

NYC behind us! 
50's prime restaurant. Made like it was in the 50' of our favorites

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Animal 2

Animal kingdom was an easy Disney day! We slept in and the weather was beautiful!!! We did have reservations for a late breakfast there with the characters. That was one of our favorites! This park isn't open at night so we made it back to the hotel in time to swim and relax and watch a movie by the pool. 

Mickey Mouse waffles everywhere 
Breakfast with the Disney characters. One of our favorite meals

Somehow I marked that it was Charlee Kate's birthday so everywhere we went she got a cupcake 👑 oops! 

Standing in line...time for lipgloss. That's a must for a princess 
Mickey Mouse pretzel 
Night time swimming! Jeremy attracted all the kids with his creations. This is how kids thought before there was technology 😂😂😂