Sunday, March 31, 2013

5 day updates!

Happy Easter... what a great day! Some quick updates from the last 5 days or so.... We are officially back in the "groove" so to speak. One night last week, we had a Girls Night at The Cheesecake Factory with Lisa and Harper. We picked the girls up from school and they were seperated for about 30 minutes. Then once they saw each other they screamed and jumped up and down like it had been weeks/months. It is so sweet how they get so excited and giggle and laugh with each other. We love our time with them. After eating, a little shopping at Anthropologie.  These were all phone pictures, but I will upload others this week. 

Look at this pouty face. Something wasn't going right... we are officially in the independence stage.... but luckily she usually bounces back pretty quick. 
 We had a great Easter weekend at home. Friday is when we left Birmingham to go our parents house. There was a lot of time to just spend with family and it was nice and relaxing. We need those days!

Millie took a lot of pictures of Charlee Kate. I have not uploaded them up, but I took these with my phone.

 Last week we took a big Easter basket to Charlee Kate's teachers. Inside was Zoe's chicken salad and pimento cheese, crackers, fruit, fruit dip, and a homemade chocolate chip cookie pie.

Out of all of these pictures, this is probably one of my favorites. Charlee Kate loves her cousin Josh. She really gets spoiled at Jeremy's parents house when all the cousins are there. There are 8 of them and she is the youngest BY FAR... so they all just love on her and play with her. Josh was reading her a book before her bath. She loved just listening to him read. So sweet! Easter pictures and more to come soon!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some more Spring Break

Well our Spring Break was fabulous! I spent lots of time with this little girl! We did a lot of shopping and having fun, but I absolutely loved being home. I don't think I have ever stayed home during Spring Break and it was really nice having that extra time! Here are some pictures to give a little peek into the rest of our week after we got back from Charlotte. 

Things that this little girl does that surprises me:
- Charlee Kate has so much fun with her imagination and playing. One day she was having a party in our den with all of her blankets, stuffed animals, etc... She made a tent with the pillows and the coffee table. When I told her to clean it all up, she took at least 10 minutes to fold every blanket and then try to put all my pillows up just like I do. When I saw that, it just melted my heart. Things I didn't even know she watched and paid attention to. 
- skipping... all of a sudden she can skip! Amazes me b/c I love watching little kids try to skip. 
- remembers anything and everything now! She knows our favorite stores, what we like to look for, where to go, etc... She is growing up so fast. 

One afternoon we helped Jeremy in the yard some. He has always been a handy man and yard man. Since we have spent months and months on the inside of our house, it is time we give a lot of TLC to the outside so we have lots of projects ahead in the next several months. It started with getting some weeds out of the flower beds. Picking weeds is like cleaning a bathroom to me, but we were helping... even CK wanted to participate. I decided picking weeds is tough for me though. My OCD mind doesn't want to see any green left at all and that really takes awhile. It is all going to come together sooner or later though. 
The peek into our week!

Heading out to dinner at the Summit with Lisa, Steven, and Harper. Afterwards, the girls played at their house. They love playing dress up and come in the room to put a show on for us or just play by themselves. However, at one point, we found them in the dark and Charlee Kate was putting make up on Harper. haha

Friday was pedicure and manicure day! Now my little one has to get one when I do. Can you blame her though??

We always have a weekly trip to SAMS. She was in rare form this day! Well... almost every day!

Her work station on the porch!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A trip to Charlotte

This is definitely picture overload, but I wanted to do them all at once. Our Spring break started with a great long weekend in Charlotte with K&K and the kids. They had so much fun together, the weather was gorgeous, we were able to relax, shop, eat out good, and enjoy every minute. The pictures will show how much fun these kiddos had!

This was the first night together after their bath. They loved playing with the Easter eggs. 

St. Patrick's Day morning! Lots of playing, playing, and playing!

 The girls headbands! They gave Charlee Kate one for Easter and Ella had one to match.

We let the kids open up their Easter baskets. They loved seeing all the goodies inside. 

Flip flops that were in Charlee Kate's basket. Ella had some to match too. 
This is what the guys wanted to do for a little bit... but for the most part, we were all outside. It was too gorgeous NOT to be outside. 

The day that we had to leave... the girls could play some that morning, then we went to Hunter's school to eat lunch with him. 

Eating lunch at Hunter's school.

 On St. Patrick's Day, we had the leprechauns leave out the cookies they ate, blinking necklaces, and their little hats. There was gold glitter in the toilets as well! They thought this was so wonderful.

We had shamrocks that led to the gold eggs with gold coins inside. 

Look how excited Brady and Chloe look!

Playing outside on the trampoline, having cookies, and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine!

 One night, we all went out to a really neat restaurant in downtown Charlotte. Kelly and Kevin can find some great local restaurants and this one was great. The kids had a sitter and were still wide awake when we got home later.

The restaurant was in an old church that had been renovated. It was in a nice little area of Charlotte.