Friday, August 29, 2014

Mobiles and strollers

These are probably two of my favorite baby items!!! My strollers I use all the time! I clean them like I clean my car (which those of you that know me...know I do that often 😝). I have certain ones for occasions but I just love them! 

Mobiles are another fav...I know they are for over the crib but I would use them everywhere if I could! I made both of my kids mobiles and recently an idea hit me for another one. So...B just may get two or this may go in the playroom over a chair for CK to read in! This idea may be my favorite yet!! Coming soon.......

B's mobile now...a branch painted with stars from anthropologie and burlap ribbon to hang! 

A branch thing I used at Christmas in CK's room and it's ended up staying 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

CK's Frozen birthday party

Charlee Kate's frozen party was Saturday August 23 at mom and dad's house. I have done the princess parties enough to know we needed a lot of room so having it out at Ross bridge at my parents house made sense. 

I can't even begin to describe how excited Charlee Kate was! She woke up sometime in the middle of the night before her birthday and went to sit on the couch. I found her at 5:00 in the morning sitting up sleeping. Just melted my heart!! She was ready for her special day and I had so much fun planning it!  

Elsa and Charlee Kate 
All the party girls

Charlee Kate thought it would be amazing for Elsa to hold Beckham 
Singing...I need to post the video of Elsa doing the party. It was so sweet and watching Charlee Kate sing at the top of her lungs was literally PRICELESS!!
Her party table and lots of food!!!
Elsa aprons as party favors 
Decorating was so much fun! Charlee Kate was just in awe...she loved it

Elsa cake! I was blown away with how this turned out. I took the Elsa Barbie to one of our favorite bakery's and they created the dress all out of cake! It was worth every penny

Sweet Blake and Charlee Kate...probably one of my favorite pictures 
Her traditional birthday banner that I use at every party was in the window. Lighted trees on the table and color sheets of Elsa and Olaf that said "happy birthday Charlee Kate!" 
Singing happy birthday 

Beckham was amazed at Elsa 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dear sweet woman who wants a baby...

Well I have a childhood friend that I grew up with who struggled with infertility. I ran across her a few years ago after going years and years of losing touch after they moved. She lives in Tuscaloosa now and has such a great way with words. God has used her to touch many many people, especially through infertility I am sure!! This is her latest blog post and as I try and try to help so many friends who are struggling, Rachel said it best! These are the feelings that literally every woman struggles with facing infertility. 
Dear sweet woman trying to get pregnant,

I know you.  I see you in the checkout line at Target. I see you waiting in the same room as other women great with child.  I see your eyes trying not to look but not being able to help it.  I see the pain and the longing.  I recognize it right away.  I know the pain.  And the longing.  I know how hard it is to see bellies and babies and pregnancy announcements on Facebook and Instagram.  You are bombarded with images you wish you could ignore.   

I know you are tired. I know you are dreaming.  And still hoping.  I know it's an endless exhausting cycle.  I see your grief. I see how you try to act happy at the latest friend announcing her pregnancy (her first, second, and in some cases by now your friends are on their 3rd).  I know how your heart drops when your deepest longing is to be able to share the same.

I know you are now skipping baby showers.  You feel guilty, but you know it's best for your heart.  I see you avoiding phone calls and girls nights because you don't have anything to add since everyone else will be talking about pregnancy woes, newborns, or toddler antics.  I know how much you long to be able to discuss those things.

I see your browsing history online includes message boards about infertility, the best fertility clinics with the best success rates, and infertility blogs.  These people get you.  I know that.  I've hung out there too. Sometimes you just need people in your life who understand.

I know you're tired of the questions.  I see your face when another person asks, "so when are you two going to start a family?".  I know the frustration that brings.  I know you want to scream and shout. I know you wish you could be one of those couples who could just plan your family easily.  I see each holiday passing you by without being able to make a fun surprise announcement to your family and friends.  I see, instead, you begin to have the hard conversations with them.  Not wanting to see the pain on their faces. Not wanting the awkwardness to follow with your friends.

I hear you make that first call to the clinic. I see you nervously going to your first appointment.  There is fear.  Anxiety.  Always hope. I see you get poked and prodded and doing things you would have never thought you would have to do.  I see you wondering and asking why this is your lot.  When there are babies being aborted.  Babies being abandoned. I see your eyes get big when the first bill arrives.  I know you and your husband are selling things and figuring out where the money will come from.  I know you would do anything to make it happen.

I know how tired you are from negative pregnancy tests.  How you want them to have a second line or quickly flash the words you so long to see.  I see you laying prostrate on the cold tile in your bathroom grieving once again.  It seems hopeless. It seems dark and lonely.  It seems no one understands that infertility is some of life's most exhausting grief.  I see you every month second guessing what your body is doing.  Hoping against hope this will be the month.  I see your dreams crushed again and the sobs rocking your body. Your husband sits helplessly stroking your hair.  He would do anything to make the pain go away.  I see you hating his own private grief.  I know he hates the clinic visits too.  I know the fun of making a baby is long past.  

But I see your resolve too.  Your determination.  Your hope.  

I want you to know that even though I now have 4 children of my own, I see you.  I really do.  My hearts knows your heart and I recognize your weary eyes.  I will never forget.  I know you.  I also know a God in heaven who writes the best stories.  They don't always come about in ways we want or expect.  His stories are kingdom stories who point to a Rescuer who knows you better than I, or any other woman who has struggled with infertility, ever will.  He came to rescue us from our sin and from the darkness of this world.  He fights for you and me. He feels our pain and has suffered on our behalf.  He has given us a better hope. Even in the deep pain and grief, He is there.  He knows you best. I hope you will trust Him. I hope you will give all your dreams and hopes to Him and watch as His story for your life unfolds. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First day

It's bitter/sweet for a lot of reasons! There is a little bit of me that missed that first day with new students as a teacher. I don't miss all the extra housekeeping parts of teaching, but I do miss that first week excitement. I worked in the best school system around and with great people so I did have such a positive experience. However, I wouldn't trade being home for the world! I get to be with B growing up and CK will remember me walking her to school each day, picking her up, and being to be involved at school. 

It's also bitter/sweet with my baby girl starting K. She is my mini me and does so much with me. I will miss her during the day. I know (from a teaching experience) how fast school flies by once they start K. I can't wait to watch her grow and learn ❤️🎒✏️

We are all ready as the day approaches!!!

 Last day of summer...lunch at Cheesecake Factory with her best friend that's going to vestavia! 
Manis and pedis for the first day of school
Everything was ready! Her outfit, balloons a "Happy 1st Day" sign and surprises, a little note from her teacher, and her supplies! 

Her teacher Mrs.Letson! She loved her! She said she loved so much about school...
* I learned about zero!
* I met a new friend named Addison
* I didn't even get hungry throughout the day
* I played on the playground with Mary Addison and Frances (OLS friends)
* I only napped like 1 minute and it was time to wake up
* I love svhool and can't wait to go back! 
----all those things made her momma happy!!!---

She was SO excited!! 
Our neighbor Ada and Charlee Kate
Beckham and I picked Charlee Kate up a treat from Savages and walked that afternoon to get her.

Friday, August 8, 2014

She was my beach princess! After 8 days she was ready to go home though! We had gorgeous weather all week which was an answered prayer. 
Heading out for some shopping!
This is all her when I say to pose for a picture 
Out to Alvin's Island! Oh my, that place hasn't changed! Afterwards, it was date night and the kids stayed with mom

The amusement park day

Beckham loved just watching her ride all the rides. It won't be long and he will be right beside her

Leaving...grandmother giving B kisses. He loved talking to her all week. It was so sweet
This is why I don't do selfies...hilarious!!

Charlee Kate looks way too big here! I am not ready for her to be in Kindergarten 😢

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More vacation pictures

It's been gorgeous so far for our vacation. We have been at the beach and pool non stop! 
Ice cream boat in the ocean. What on earth could be better!! Charlee Kate sure thought it was heaven 

Time to head out shopping at the outlets! Good thing my hubby likes it 😄👛
We were here several days before my parents arrived. We cooked dinner the night they got here then they kept Beckham and we took Charlee Kate to the movies
Kids pak at the movies. Happens seldom so it was a great treat
Good thing she wore her red and white bama colors for her cheerleader moves 

Eating out at schooners. It's loud and airy but we love it! The louder and crazier for Beckham, the better

Usually I am in a classroom at this time of the year getting it ready to meet new faces. I did always love the beginning of school. I crossed paths with some amazing families in my years of teaching and so many I am still close with. Even though I will miss it for awhile (especially in Homewood!!) I am so thankful for my new role! So to celebrate the new role...I was on the beach instead of being in the classroom 😄