Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The doctor said...

Let me start with the BEST part.... After the doctor's appointment, we went to the mall and to eat dinner at one of my favorites... Cheesecake Factory. I started having heartburn and so we had to get our dessert to go. Here I am... enjoying every minute of it! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake. YUMMY!!! My poor little orphan Chloe, sure would like a bite!
Let's go to the doctor!!! 36 weeks preggo and notice, new wreath on the door, LOL!
So we went for our appointment today at the doctor. It ended up being a long, but fun one. The doctor that I saw is the one that "got us pregnant" so to speak. We love him and would love for him to deliver the baby. Who knows! He feeds into Jeremy's jokes and it gets quite funny. First off, I had my exam and I failed the "paper drape" test. Apparently those things are all so different and I put it on wrong. I felt like a big idiot, but we just laughed about it. After my exam, he told me that my cervix is closed and baby is breached. Guess my idea of going in to have the baby tomorrow is out!!! Since I hardly slept last night and it was painful and weird, he wanted to monitor the baby for about 45 minutes. Jeremy and I sat and listened to the baby's heartbeat which was exciting. Dr. Minton did have to vibrate my stomach to wake it up, but after the monitoring he said this little baby is healthy, the heart rate kept going up and down and up and down, which is exactly what they want to see. He also determined I am having contractions, but my cervix isn't responding. It really wasn't a bad appointment at all, but I haven't really worried about it either. Maybe I should be worried??? I tell Jeremy "we will just wing it. It will all work out", LOL! I love the nurses and doctors so it is always fun anyways. We go back next week and get to have a sonogram. The doc wants to see if Baby Wilson has turned. This is exciting because we get to see Baby Wilson again, but have to beg, beg, beg not to tell us the gender. I can't wait!!!

I captured this picture on our way home. Meteorologist Jamie Wilson says the sky looks iffy. However, it did NOT have a tornado feeling so I knew I was okay, but it was crazy how divided it looked to me. All I could think of was... I AM GLAD I AM NOT IN AN AIRPLANE!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Redneck weekend

We had a busy weekend, but a productive one. I am all about being productive! Some people like to say it is "nesting". I laugh and say they must not know me at all because I go through this EVERY summer. I want everything done, cleaned out, organized, etc... However, this issue now goes beyond summer and it is a year round thing. So.... somehow I got into planning the whole community garage sale that was held this past Saturday. Not sure how this all happened, but it did and it was a success I would say. As Kelly and I were preparing for it, I hated the thought of it and thought I was a crazy woman. Jeremy kept me on my toes with all of his fun comments and trying to sell our "crap" or "junk" to someone else. It was truly something that should have been caught on video camera!!! However, I missed that but I did catch one thing on camera and here it is. I love it! As Lindsay said.... this is Jeremy on the back of the "yota"
This week starts our weekly doctor's appointments. Gosh Baby Wilson' due date is getting closer and closer. I am busy getting my classroom ready just in case it needs to be ready early. I will have a posting soon of the doctor update and this belly that just keeps going and going and going.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Love/Hate relationship with the wreaths!

About a year and a half ago, Kelly and I sold some of our stuff at the Tampa Bay Junior League Show. At this show, I found these wreaths that I just LOVED! I told her then, THAT is the wreath that I want when I have a baby. They have millions of different kinds so when we bought the house, I ordered a "Welcome" one for the front door. (Hint... it is in almost EVERY picture that I take of a bump shot, LOL). Anyways, once I found out I was preggo, I could finally get that cute wreath! I knew it was going to be tough to get it in time once I had the baby since I didn't know what i was having and I couldn't order it ahead of time.

Therefore, I had this bright idea for me to trace it and Jeremy to cut me one out of wood. Then I would paint it. When I saw how easy it was for him to cut it out, I had him cut several. By the time he cut out the last one and sanded it, he was DONE with wreaths. He didn't really enjoy it. Well... night after night after night of staying up painting, waiting on parts to dry, painting again, waiting on it to dry, etc.... I didn't really enjoy it either, but I wanted them all done at once. That is the story of my life though, I want everything done at once so I don't have to worry with it. Since I had that thought, I painted and repainted frames, sanded them so they looked very worn down and scratched up (Anthropologie like), and just kept adding these random things to my list. However, this really doesn't have to do with the pregnancy, I have always been like this. Mom would definitely be able to back me up on this one!

Back to the wreaths....For the baby wreath, one side says JohnParker and one side says Charlee Kate. I decided this would be easiest and then I could just have mom add the bow and we can hang it up once Baby Wilson is here. I like to be prepared, haha! Here are some of my projects that I stayed up doing. Some are better than others. You can tell which ones I was working on late at night because they are not my best work, but I sort of have the idea down so when I do get the urge to do more, I know more of what I am doing now. However, I don't feel the urge coming on ANYTIME SOON! I should be DONE with projects for awhile to say the least. Now.... maybe I will relax some and leave projects alone.

See these 2 wreaths... well the "Wilsons" is totally off centered and it bothers me so tonight I will be painting over the "ONS" to make it more centered. This is why this is a love/hate relationship. I love them, but hate them too! The Steelers was a request from Jeremy to have up on Sundays or Monday for the games. I need to make K&K one of those for sure!

Again... I have to turn the wreath and move the bow over b/c I off centered it, but that shouldn't be too bad. If I were to FLIP the wreath, the other side has brown polka dots and "Charlee Kate" written in hot pink with the same sort of bow... hot pink bow with leopard and choc brown and white polka dotted ribbons coming out. Either way, I have it ready for the hospital!!

I am sure these are not the last wreaths I will do, but at least for a few days they are!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More than some people may like...

The following belly pictures may be more than some people like to see. I have learned that some people love to see preggo bellies and some people are more conservative and don't really like to so beware before you scroll down. Here is the belly shot, after this, it will be all covered up. I had Jeremy take a few shots so that I would have something to remember. For 30 years, I never had this preggo belly and then for a few months, I have. Now I forgot what it was like NOT having it so I wanted pictures to always remember it! Pretty soon, Baby Wilson won't be in my belly and I will miss him/her in there so now I can remember it!

Friday, July 17, 2009

What time does the Bathroom Open?

I love this title of the blog! If you read the blog below, Jeremy and I were in Orlando for 2 days and had the best time. I met my friend Ashley there today to shop and have lunch. The first question she ask someone (for us both) was "what time does the bathroom open". I laughed! Who cares about Neimans or Saks, we want to know about the bathroom! I had a wonderful time seeing her, catching up, shopping, and eating lunch. Jeremy and I also had a great time just relaxing and eating out. We stayed at the Gaylord Palms, which is a chain to The Opryland Hotel, for my fellow southern people. It is really nice. Here are some pics to enjoy for all my blog followers. I have received the emails and I promised to get new pictures up so here they are!!! I promise to have more this weekend as well. I am on a roll now!

Oh and as far as the background, which is always the same... look for that wreath changing. Jeremy is cutting me out 4 new ones to be painted so I should have a cute new one soon!
33 1/2 weeks along! The "Mutha"

Gaylord Palms Hotel... you can't see the scenery because it is night time. What a shame because it was all so gorgeous!!!

Here is my friend Ashley with me, ready to shop!

I know the background and pictures are kind of cheesy, but just check out the belly and ignore the rest. haha! 34 weeks

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Update, but it is pretty basic

So I have officially failed at my picture taking! I had huge plans to take these pictures that i have waited and waited to take until my belly was a certain size and every night we sit down about 10:30 and I don't feel like doing it. I told Jeremy, Friday night is the night for the pictures!!! We have to take them and I promise to post them this weekend. Baby Wilson has grown so much that I really need a new one to post. I have 6 weeks left and promise to be better at taking pictures.

This is what I am good at now... dropping things, remembering nothing, wanting everything in order just in case (haha), and taking cold/luke warm showers. I can't remember when I last wanted a shower that was even remotely hot. UGH! It could be a long 6 weeks, but maybe not.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday. The doctors seem to just think this has been the perfect pregnancy. Lets hope they are right because it is not over by any means. The fun hasn't even started! I have felt great lately and really can't complain about anything, but Florida heat and that would be the same even if I wasn't pregnant. Baby Wilson moves all over the place and even has me up at night several times. I will miss this baby moving in my tummy! As the doctor's visits get more frequent, I will give much better updates as to what is going on. I can't believe we are getting so close.

It has been very nice being back home in Tampa and enjoying doing things here. I love this part of summer.... doing what I want, when I want. Today I had the most amazing prenatal massage. It was wonderful! Tomorrow I will go with Jeremy to Orlando. He has to work but I am going to sit by the pool all day and then on Friday meet my friend Ashley to shop and have lunch. I can't wait to see her! I have met a new neighbor down the street that is from Mississippi and she is truly a southern girl. It is so exciting when I meet another southern girl because they "get it". I have also enjoyed just getting things done that really need to be completed before the Baby comes.

That is our life in a nutshell for the past week and what has been going on, but there is no excuse for not having pictures. I should have lots to post pretty soon! Keep checking for some updated ones.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A fun trip to Bama!

Last week we were home in Alabama. It was a great trip home and I reall y did enjoy the time at home. Hunter was home with us this time, which gave Kelly and Kevin a little break, but we enjoyed spending time with him in Bama. Jeremy took his annual trip with his brothers to Las Vegas. They really enjoyed their trip and they had a good time. Here are a few pictures from our time at home.

Jeremy with all the kids at the lake house on the 4th of July.
Dad and Hunter fishing on the 4th of July.
The life of the cat! This little cat comes to the lake house sometimes and just sleeps in the shade when we are in the pool. It is a very sweet cat!
Jeremy at the Hoover Dam. He went to Vegas with his brothers and while they were there, they made a little visit to the Hoover Dam.
Spending some time with friends and family on the 4th of July!

Dad and Jace... Jennifer's little boy.

I have not done a great job of taking preggo photos lately. I have to do better because this baby is growing a lot more now! This picture was taken at almost 32 weeks. Not the best, but it is a picture to post. I will post some new ones once my "photographer" is back home. haha!
Not a great picture, but you could see the bump a little bit better.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Who said it was all about what you need?

I do believe that Baby Wilson is going to be "set", especially when it comes to diaper bags and pacis. With it being the first baby, I wanted more than I would need (and then a little more) for this baby. I think that happens a lot with the "first". My mom made me some really cute diaper bags. I never know what kind baby Wilson may need. Here are a few pictures of some of that she made. She did make me a black and red BAMA bag, but I got it at my shower and I don't have a picture of it. They are really cute in person! I am sure there will be a different occasion for each.

Then I thought, maybe this baby needs a designer diaper bag as well. I bought one about a year ago that is a vinyl type material that is leopard and orange. It is cute, but perfect for those "germy" places because I can wipe it off very easily. Kelly has one for Hunter and has used it numerous times, especially at the airport. I found a designer one when I was in Orlando and fell in love with it. My stroller system and a lot of other things I have bought are in black and cream so this diaper bag would fit right in.

Last but not least, I took this picture to send to my mom, but my friend Karen helped to make sure Baby Wilson was in style. Here are some of Baby Wilson's special pacis. I think they are cute, but we are ready boy or girl!!!!