Thursday, September 25, 2014

Our days!

More football pictures from about 2 weeks ago. 

Celebrating a Sweet friends birthday! Anna Kathryn and Charlee Kate 

Walking into school with her friend Mary Addison. They love to walk in together every morning 

My dad walked to school with us one Friday and had lunch with Charlee Kate! Priceless! 

Waiting on her friends to walk in! Glad it's fall weather to wear all our cute pants! 
Mom and I took Beckham to spend the day with grandmother ogle! He showed out! 
Not a happy girl on this Wednesday! Rough morning...routines can be hard! But...I thought she sure did look cute

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It was another Roll Tide Saturday!

Two cuties who act just like brother and sister!

He has waited MANY years to go to a Garth Brooks concert (18 to be exact bc that's how long it's been since Garth has been on tour). I do get he was entertainer of the year "back then" and an all time amazing country singer, but my expectations weren't too high for the concert. I think I was more excited to see Jeremy's reaction (below...never stopped smiling), but to my surprise it was a GREAT concert! We went with our friends Steven and Lisa who we love to do anything and everything with. After...dinner at Ruth Kris! After 5 hrs of sleep...up and out to T-town!!! 
Jeremy and I did enjoy date day and shopping in ATL on Friday. That was nice! 
Heading out! Country ready...
- belt buckle
- cut off shorts (Jenn's for Jeremy)
- boots (frye snake skin for me and black for Jeremy!)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fun Hump Day!!!

Fun day with mommy! Any day with Beckham is fun! He is always smiling and laughing!!! Can I freeze time???

Neighbor sleeping and B sleeping! We swap monitors to alter pick up after school 👍

Monday, September 15, 2014

It's game day

We have been waiting for these game days for months!!! Now slow down fall/football season! I love it lots!!! Game day on the Quad and best friends having a blast! 

Watching the cheerleaders NOT the football game haha! 
They could see each other everyday and still it's like it's been years! I love it!
We got on the elevator with ALL the crimsonettes! CK was beside herself just giddy!!!
What would we do without Haley! In my mind, she is still CK's age! Love her and could use her at my house ALL the time!

Beckham stayed with Niso today but he was still game day ready! 

Haley posted this picture and I had to copy it! CK adores her!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting back to life!

The last few weeks have been crazy with my surgery and the funeral. Life is getting back to normal and in routine (slowly)! Here are the random pictures taken here and there

The kiddos after we got home from the funeral. These little laughs sure did brighten some faces that day
Charlee Kate's first time to buy her lunch! Notice...she still has her lunchbox too! Verdict...She didn't like the lunch! day! Charlee Kate and I had a girls afternoon! Lunch with friends then manis/pedis!

Best friends!!! Watching these two together is priceless! I hope I have this same picture in 13 years....

It's a Monday again! 

His first try at a steel city pops. It was just a few licks but he loved them!
Ryan and his girlfriend came to eat with us! (Charlee Kate in her cheerleader uniform)
Kiddos early one morning 
Walking in Homewood! Ready for the cooler weather!
September 11! It was more nerve wracking than ever sending CK to school today! I went to school for 11 years on September 11th but it was different sending my child. 

B was a happy camper as we headed to our favorite healthy breakfast place Over Easy to meet my friend Martha.