Monday, July 23, 2012

July Fun!

It has been so nice to be at home sweet home! I am glad that I am not packing a suitcase for a little while, we have been on the go and staying home is such a good feeling. However, I may not be packing a suitcase soon, but I will be packing a house. Ummm... not sure about the fun in that but I am ready to clean out and organize. This was a nice little cozy cottage for us, but has been cramped for awhile so space is needed! I am really excited about the upcoming move and trying to decide how to design parts of the house.

In the meantime, we haven't done too much. CK and I took a little trip with Jeremy to Pensacola while he worked there. It was a different beach since we were used to PCB so it was nice seeing something else. Since we came back home, it's just been play dates, getting together with friends, the pool, and hanging out at home. I have enjoyed it for sure. It has been nice getting back on a little bit of a schedule and visiting church again. We really do like the church we are going to!!! Charlee Kate is so funny and makes me smile and laugh all the time. She is my little side kick. She helped me finish up several projects for the house today. She loves to paint and help me, which makes the project a little bit harder but then she is so proud of it when she is done. I am so proud the projects are done. I am burnt out on projects for awhile. I think I have plenty to get me started, but once I get in, I am sure I will think of something else.

As usual, by this time of the year, I am so ready for Fall weather, leaves changing, and football season. It definitely is my favorite time of the year. Hopefully our cool fall will come sooner rather than later.

Here are a few catch up pictures....

When it rained one afternoon, we went to the kids crafts at the hotel and she made a t-shirt. She loves t-shirts so this was her favorite. Then she wore it around with flip flops. It was so cute. 

The Ferris Wheel ride. She loved it and I would have sworn that she would have been scared. She wasn't though. I did not enjoy it though. I forgot how much I really dislike Ferris Wheels, even this one that was closed in completely, haha!

Another Kids Craft morning... she made her own cup with stickers.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Before and After Projects

My August is going to be a whirlwind, but I am really excited about it! School starts later this year and I am excited that I am not the "new" teacher. I just love my school and I love where I am! School starting will be easy though. The fun part starts in a few weeks when we close on our house. Yes, we bought a house back at the first of June and it happened sort of crazy and fast, but it all fell into place, as I would expect it would from prayers and prayers. It is in Homewood, right where we wanted! Since then we just haven't been home, but now the house stuff is going in full force. I feel like I am living a dream. It is on a street that I never thought we could live on, but the street and area I loved!!!! The fun part is renovating it to make my "cottage" how I have always pictured it!!! That is why I have been on a painting binge and now I have 5 more things in the garage to do before we move. Once we close, the renovations start from floors, to painting, to ripping out the kitchen and starting over, to exterior looks, etc... It is going to be so much fun to watch all of this happen and change and for it to be changed to what I have always wanted. I cannot wait!!! I have a few of the drapes and pillows being made, but not every room. Some of it I want to decide once I am in the house. In the middle of being in the house, renovations, school starting.... we have CK's birthday party, a MJC trunk show party at my house (can't miss the new release of clothes, LOL), then the Dallas trip. That will be a much needed vacation from all the craziness but I am sooooo excited and ready for it all. It is what we have wanted!! (minus the actual moving of our stuff). We hope we don't have to do that for a LONG time. It was time we found a place to grow into and live for awhile. 

Soooo.... my days and minutes are online, going in other people's houses, getting ideas, meeting with the contractor, fabric stores, painting, taking this here and there, yard sales, rummage sales.... to find the perfect little something for every part of the house. I have big plans to use those old cabinet doors and doors for certain things so I am salvaging everything they tear out of my new "old" house as well. It was built in 1935. That is what I wanted, a house with character. I am so excited, but pictures to come along the way. Here are a few little projects I did, but many more pictures to come of projects not completed yet. 

Charlee Kate's "dress up suitcase" with all of her dress up clothes

I haven't posted my finished product of this yet. I have a certain place for it inside and will post it sometime.

Jeremy's mom bought her this precious little desk. This one can go in her room... I have another one I am working on for another room

Remember the bedroom suit??? Here it is ... sort of. Her bedding and all the pillows have been made and I pick it up this week so final pictures of that are coming soon.

Part of the dresser... but then I changed it. I love love how her bedroom suit turned out!!!! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Charlotte Visit

I guess I should give up on more than one post a week until after summer. We stay busy and then I just don't get on my iPad or computer long. My time is elsewhere I guess, usually doing something fun.

Our time in Charlotte has been wonderful. I had to wake up Charlee Kate at 4:30 am the morning that we flew out. As soon as I said we were going to the airport, she popped up and was ready in 2 minutes. She loved flying and was such a trooper. My little girl can "try me sometimes" but she still has a lot of her daddy in her and just a somewhat patient/laid back personality. We had fun flying and she was beside herself when she saw Aunt Kelly and Ella at the airport. She was so excited and those girls almost tore Zaxbys apart having fun! We just had the best trip and the kids were in heaven! Kelly and I took a girls day for just us to head out to South Park Mall and several precious stores. Kelly always knows the places we would like, but we were both looking for several things and we had a sitter. We can accomplish a lot quickly when it's just us and I found some great things!!! The kids could care less if we were around, they just wanted to be together. Lol! Over the weekend all 4 of us went out as a place called Cowfish. How appropriate right? Burgers and fish! Our table was all fish but so many things looked yummy on the menu. It was a favorite. It's just amazing to think back to almost 10 years ago, Kelly and Kevin were living in Charlotte and we lived in Bham. Now fast forward we are both right back where we want to be, it's just that we are in a better place in life considering the roads we traveled and all the adventures life took us on. I love it! God answers our prayers!!! We had a great trip hanging out, playing with the kids, going here and there, and just doing whatever.

On our way home, we stopped in ATL to see some childhood friends and their little girl is Charlee Kate's age. She loves playing with someone else's toys. They are new and fun. Now that we are home, things are busy as ever. Charlee Kate is with mom for a few days, which works out great for me to do a lot of things. However, we decided this afternoon to do a quick beach trip, leaving tomorrow and coming back Saturday. Sometimes spur of the moment trips are the best!

I will post again tonight with my upcoming events....

Here are a few pictures I took....

Airplane ride!!!!
After a long morning.... she was cruising in the stroller

While we cooked dinner one night.... here were our two helpers!

One of the many nights, hanging outside and we had the fire pit going while they played in the sprinklers. Loved it!

One morning at the "jumpy place". Charlee Kate usually loves it but didn't particularly love it this day. I think there were too many big kids. Not sure. 

Out to eat at The Cowfish! Great place... we always love a good fish place. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend life!

Weekends like these remind me of why I love being at home (and why I can post more on my blog, haha). It's called MORE TIME! We have stayed on the go and this has been the longest we have been at home all summer so there has been time to do extra things. I am not complaining though b/c our "on the go all the time" has been for fun things. We thoroughly enjoyed heading back to church today, lunch, then Jeremy and I sat in the pool for 2 hours while CK napped. (that never happens). It was so nice! Then we ordered out from The Little Donkey, another HUGE local favorite and we are so glad it is 1 minute down the road. We are also HUGE fans of Steel City Pops now. That is 1 minute down the road too. That is our "treat place" now. We love it! It was just a fabulous weekend. Looking forward to our fun week ahead. I love spending everyday with my little girl!!! She does go to school once a week or so, just to keep her on a little routine, and that is a day or two that I can get some things done and not have mommy guilt. We are so blessed to have her at a wonderful school. I love it!!!!

She is totally obsessed with flip flops and wants to wear them all the time now. 

Steel City pops! Jeremy picked out several to bring home. The orange was very good and refreshing. The coffee was pretty amazing too!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some July fun!

Summer is slipping away faster than I want it too! I don't get to blog as much as I want but that's because we are just having too much fun!!! This will be our first weekend to be home in 7 weeks. We are due for a weekend at home. We spent 5 days at the lake. We always have fun there!!! One day Jeremy's family came over, then we had a baby shower for sweet baby Asher, then mom and I did some shopping one day, then a couple more days of just swimming and playing at the lake. Of course the lake offers lots to do.... Sea doos, pool, boat, and an all time favorite corn hole! We love playing that game! Its funny too, because I have noticed people playing it more and more, especially on my runs. I was able to get in some runs at the lake, but that entire route is hilly so it makes for a little rougher run, but it is something different. It was just a fun time we had away and I have enjoyed being back home. I have worked on several projects too. I will eventually have a "before and after" blog of my projects, or some of them. One funny situation... to find projects for myself.... happened when I found myself knocking on the door of this huge house, who had a yard sale last week. I saw there stuff as I was running, but of course, didn't have money because I didn't think about that, and found something I wanted. Well... I forgot to go back when I got home so I went to their house and knocked on the door! Finding more projects is fun that way, but people around here have some good stuff, haha!

An all natural route I am on the road to taking..... I think I am moving towards a tree hugger. LOL... not really but much more natural things. Ok I am not talking buying things labeled "organic"... But all natural oils verses medicines. We don't take lots of medicines, but just getting back to the basics of life. We will see how this works but I am excited to try them. We also have a garden that Jeremy and Charlee Kate planted. Jeremy calls it our organic garden because we grew it all without any of the "extras". Makes me laugh, but I have loved having fresh veggies. I don't have a "green thumb" at all, so thank goodness he does.

In a nutshell, we are either on the go, swimming, water park, hanging with friends or family, at the lake, shopping for the house, or loving being at home. It has been a great summer! We fly to Charlotte next week to see K&K and the kids. We are super excited and so is Charlee Kate. I will get all the pictures from when they visited us here in Bama and then more pictures while we are there. Hopefully I can stay caught up.

A few pictures from the lake. I loved this sweet picture. These next 2 pictures are her true smile... we are still working on her not scrunching her nose.

 The back of her swim"soup" as she calls them. I love it! 
MISS HOLLYWOOD for the 4th of July!

After shopping one day... I looked back and she was out! 

 Riding the Sea Doo with Haley and Jeremy. She loves Haley! I can't believe our family started baby-sitting her when she was 9 months old and now look at her!! We love Haley Cotton!
The day Jeremy's family came. Molly played with Charlee Kate so good and Charlee Kate loved it! Molly loved riding on the sea doo as well.

Haley and Charlee Kate

Oh she loved this doogie! She would sit and talk to it and play with it forever.

The baby shower to meet Baby Asher. Mom did the ducky theme. It turned out really cute!

The pictures didn't turn out as great as I wanted, but Emily looked great and Baby Asher was absolutely precious! I cannot believe Emily is a Mommy!!!

Two years ago... Emily was about to get married and now she is a mommy! I am so glad I have been a part of all of these milestones in her life!

Happy July!!!!