Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We are out for summer!

The last day of school. It was the best first grade year! We were so happy with her teacher, for loving and teaching Charlee Kate, and for how much our little girl grew! 
Last day of school... We are ready for summer 
I had a sweet crew on our last walk home 
What a cute little group of girls! Ice cream sundae party 
Trip to Jacksonville for two graduation parties! The little guy loves to play with toys at Nanas 
Jaelyns party
Haleys graduation! I can't believe she has graduated. 
Nana loves to read to these two and always has special new toys out for them when they come to visit. Charlee Kate really loves to see what new items will be in her play purse. These are memories they will always have! Special ones! 

Charlee Kate got some one on one time with Nana in Jacksonville and this little guy had his mommy and daddy all to himself. 

Bring on summer

Lots of fun this past week or so! I have enjoyed the fun with these kiddos and so excited that summer is around the corner

After school day ZOO trip! Best time to go..field trips are over and it's fairly empty! 
Charlee Kate set up a salon and boy did she go all out. She had waiting chairs, magazines, snacks...she did make up, hair, nails and toes. It was so sweet but to see how hard she worked was the sweetest thing. She truly took it to heart. 
Donut birthday party! Cutest little party in town 

I live for easy Saturday mornings! This one was with breakfast, coffee on the porch, and kids playing. The 60 degree temps were an added bonus!  
And it goes...the last week of first grade. Just like that, it's almost over. I have seen so much growth over this year and she has had such a positive first grade experience. I can't say enough about how happy it makes me

Beckham's school ended last week so it's been a lot of one on one time with mommy everyday. We have had so much fun together. He needs a little school though...it will make for a hard separation from mommy when the time comes

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Iphone catch up

I am not sure how I managed to get behind on my blog. Catching up from two weeks 

Charlee Kate has been in a boot for two weeks. She's had to stay off her foot because she hurt it. Now just praying that it doesn't start back up again since she can go without the boot.

Steel city pops ...cinco de mayo treat
Downtown Bham to watch the trains 
These two little guys are buddies! They love playing together. So thankful for our neighbors 

We love Homewood day! A big day every year in Homewood. I love it! There are always many festivities throughout the day and then a parade and street party at night 
Heading downtown to eat and then off to the parade
He's not too sure about the fire trucks in the parade when they blow their horns and sirens 
Best friends and their candy 
Family picture
Mother's Day. So thankful that I am a mommy to these two babies and for Jeremy, who made it a super special day

Fast forward a few days after Mother's Day...Charlee Kate with one of her sweet friends Mary Addison. Friday morning talks before school
Some days are meant for staying home all day and doing nothing! A Friday with fall like weather was one of those days
CK's first slumber party! It was a birthday party in the cabin in the mountains. Such a fun trip for the girls and mommys

After the cabin trip, on to the lake we went. Watching boats, eating out, riding the many "toys" dad has....peaceful and good rest

Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend away

It was time for a long weekend away! Jeremy and I planned something just a few weeks out and it turned out to be the best weekend. 3 mornings of sleeping in, never really watching the clock all weekend, laying by the pool, spa mornings, fabulous meals, workouts, room service, and just sitting! Usually I like to GO, GO, GO but I don't think I have ever been so excited to sit and relax. It was a much needed vacation and break. I didn't get any pictures but I did relax. 

The kids enjoyed staying with my parents. Swimming, parks, golf cart rides, crawfish boil, and many other play adventures. We are so thankful they have somewhere to stay when we need a getaway! It was nice to be able to talk to Jeremy for 4 days with no interruptions. BUT...those squeals and hugs that welcomed us back were priceless 💙❤️

Beckham loves his "roll tide roll". He won't say elephant...just "roll tide roll". 
Helping Pop work outside. He loves to be outside working! 
Spa day! I could have sat forever in this room. It was such a treat
I have been waiting to sit in a lounge chair by the pool. A much needed break