Monday, May 25, 2015

School days

And just like's over! This has been an amazing kindergarten year. It has gone by too fast and I feel like Charlee Kate is growing up so fast. I did have the choice last year to wait another year before sending her to K but I am so happy that we sent her on. She was ready and it's been a great year for her. I combined as many school day pictures as I had taken. This will be for my blog book that I print each year. I love to see all the changes and things that happened all year long. 

First day, August 12, 2014
Mrs.Letson was her kindergarten teacher
Second day of school, August 13, 2014
Third and fourth day, August 14-15, 2014
Day 5 of school...the first Monday! 
Day 6... She becomes Elsa after school 
Day 7...after school snack 
Day 8, it's 100 degrees outside
Day 9... After school on a Friday! So thankful it was Friday! 
Third week of school! Monday August 25
Tuesday, August 26. Picture day at school (this was just after school for me)
Can we say rough Wednesday?? She wasn't too ready for school but came home with a smile! 
Tuesday September 2, 2014. She is the spotlight for her birthday week! 

A week later...Monday September 8
Tuesday September 9, 2014
Walking with Mary Addison sept. 10
Friday September 12
Tuesday September 16
Tuesday September 23
Wednesday September 25
Friday October 3! AU/AL friends 
It was a cold Monday morning, October 13
October 14, 2014
Wednesday...10-15. I was on a picture roll this week
This was Thursday October 16 (her "Friday" bc they were off the next day! It was a much needed day off)
Monday October 20. Field trip to the pumpkin patch 
This whole week was gorgeous fall weather!!! 

Red ribbon week...last week of October 
Work out gear day
Friday November 7. And...the pink eye returned 😡😡
It was an UGG 25 degree cold day!!! Tuesday, November 18
Wednesday November 19. Last week was our first week to do carpool. The 20's are just too cold for the stroller. Thanksgiving Play day!
Her thanksgiving play
Field trip to Mcwane! Dec 12, 2014
January 20
February 13... School fun day
Happy Valentine's Day...February 14

February 18... Her teacher took this picture! One of my favorites where Charlee Kate fixed her own hair at school
February 19
February 21....winter festival at school
March 2... Beginning of Dr Seuss week
March 6 ...wockets and pockets day
Happy St Patrick's Day ..March 17
March 20...zoo field trip
Spring break fun

More spring break fun
The end of spring break...Easter
April 10
April 14 and 15...she doesn't look so little anymore 😢

April 22
April day at school
April 27...two sweet girls after school
April 30...walk to school 
May of my favorite pictures
End of the year K musical...her class were the goats: May 5; it was the cutest program. We lost our precious nephew Ryan on this day

May 8
May 12...Tuesday
Wednesday May 13

We love to walk to school as much as possible 

Last week of kindergarten! 
Spirit day! Such a fun day outside 
Tuesday May 19... Awards day for kindergarten! My little girl got the biggest helper award. I would totally agree. She's my helper too 😄
Sweet friends, sweet class...I hope we are blessed in first grade like our K year
Wednesday May 20...celebratory breakfast! She picked to walk to Jacks before school. It was her special breakfast day

The last day of school came and went. As a teacher, I have a different perception of this. It's so exciting and sad to see a year come and go. I am so proud of the little girl that Charlee Kate is becoming. Let summer begin! ✌️
And what better way to end the last day of walking to school...70 degrees and no humidity! Amazing!