Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Final Christmas Post

So here are the rest of the Christmas pictures. It sort of stopped after I took a few on Christmas day b/c the virus was in full blown by then. I am sick too b/c she had on her cute red minky pants with Santa on the bootie. Charlee Kate and Ella matched of course so maybe Kelly has some pictures. A New Years Post is ready for tomorrow : )

Santa did come to see Charlee Kate and I actually put out more than I planned. She doesn't get the whole Santa thing and I haven't pushed it b/c that is going to come soon enough, I just tried to focus on the real Christmas meaning. We haven't done HUGE Santa presentations the last few years because she doesn't know any different, but we put several things out this year. She was so excited to see it all, it was hard for her to understand what was going on! Hunter understands though and he was there so we have to make sure the girls have plenty of "santa" for his sake too. She has a stocking at Mom and Dad's too! Mom has one for everyone there.
I was in this picture, but that was a scary sight considering the circumstances, LOL. This was the start of the 3 day cycle of showers, but no make up or fixing hair.
Presents EVERYWHERE!!!

This was the Wilson Pile!
Wrestling with Hunter. One of her favorite things to do!
Christmas Eve night we went riding on the Golf Cart (mom, dad, the kids, and me and Kelly) to look at Christmas lights. It was fun! Here are the kiddos before heading out.

Happy Birthday Jesus Cupcakes!!! She loved the cupcakes! I think Jesus would like Pastry Art cupcakes next year, haha! However, I thought of that way too late this year.

Our Christmas Eve celebration with the Joneses. We have been doing this for 25 years every single Christmas Eve morning we have breakfast together. That is pretty impressive considering the roads we have all traveled, the adventures we have been on, yet we all come back together every year. I would not miss it for anything!!!! Funny thing is, this year about 9:30 that morning we wondered where the Joneses were. (we flip flop houses each year). Well comes to find out they were sitting in Birmingham with a full table ready for everyone to eat breakfast while we were in Jacksonville with a full table ready to eat breakfast. Considering we were an hour away from each other, we all ate breakfast and then got together. Kind of funny now, but I bet it doesn't happen again!

And this was the start of our goofy pictures.... it took lots!!!

This was our end result, LOL!

Sweet girls! Mom got the girls matching monogram dresses. So sweet!!!!

Can't wait for Christmas next year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Christmas post with family get togethers

As I promised.... here are more Christmas pictures. I have several posts lined up for everyday to get all the pictures in. We are back... home sweet home! Got to love being back in the big HAM! Lots of exciting days ahead.

Getting ready to head to my grandparents house. We are so lucky that 32 of us can still get together after all these years. Not many people still have their grandparents around or still get together with all of their cousins/aunts/uncles, etc... On top of that, my grandparents and aunts and uncles are all still married. That is not heard of much anymore either. We are a blessed family!!!

Ella wanted to be part of our picture. Those sweet girls!

This had to be my favorite Christmas outfit of all time anywhere. Kelly and I fell in love with it!

My grandparents! Probably one of the best Christmas's (if that is the correct way to write that) we have had in a long time!!!
Charlee Kate loves the boys (OH NO!). She wanted to wrestle with Hunter and Bryant the whole time.
Sitting at the kiddie table for dinner!
Talking to the girls
Of course she LOVES Nate-Nate... as she calls him. That is her facial expression she makes when he holds her. She gets so embarrassed, but just loves him! He is so sweet to her too!
The shyness when we first arrived!

After eating the most delicious meal at the Classic. Charlee Kate did NOT feel good this night so I didn't sit too much for my meal, but bless her heart, she had so much going on. I am so glad she is better! This night was the "start" to mom's stomach virus and then Jeremy and I followed a couple days later.

She may not have felt good, but loved that Hunter still!