Thursday, April 30, 2015

Daily life!

My thoughts are random, but this is daily life for us. It's great...wouldn't change it for the world! 

Pictures that Charlee kate drew in church. They were very random to why she drew them but all of a sudden it was about Jesus being born, his resurrection, and everyone loves Jesus! It was precious! These pictures will be saved forever! 

This was Mary and Joseph with the animals and wise men and baby Jesus. 
Resurrection! Jesus behind "the rock" as she called it. Then below...Mary riding on the donkey pregnant 
Jesus is in a heart here because she said everyone loves Jesus! I love how she spelled Chloe (clowe) because we include chloe in everything 🐶
After that church service, we went to the park. It was a beautiful day! 
An afternoon pickup...sweet neighbors and friends! Love!!
Doctors appointment April 28. My "little man" 
Two of my favorites...out to eat lunch at Flip burger
Walking to school...this is a blessing with living in Homewood! 

1. Sometimes I wonder if being a stay at home mom is for me. Never thought those words would come out of my mouth. Not sure what I will decide from this but it's definitely been a blessing being home while B has been small. I still want to do "something" though 😳

2. Greys anatomy.... I swear that show gets my blood pressure up and tears rolling every episode. Ugh! 

3. After a weekend of We ❤️ Homewood day...I see why we have this celebration! We live in the best place in birmingham! We do live in a bubble with so much at our fingertips, but it's such a great place to live! It's even better that CK is in school and we know so many more people. 
Neighbors grilling out and playing! These boys will be best buds one day! Just 1 year apart...their time is coming 
After an evening of cooking out, a walk to Steel City pops was totally what we needed
This trampoline has earned every penny already 
His first take at watermelon! 🍉 success...he loves fruit! 

4. 6 weeks out of surgery, as of this weekend, and I finally feel almost normal! It's so wonderful to almost be back to my old "new" self! Some of the bumps in the road during those 6 weeks were tough but everything turned out just fine. 

5. One more random thought...even though I stay at home, fridays are still just as great as when I worked, May is still a month you want to fly by, and I still look forward to Memorial Day (signaling the beginning of summer!) 
This was my TGIF picture! 
A Sunday walk to brunch! Absolutely amazing! 

Random thoughts but I guess that's life! Now to enjoy as much of this sunny, low humidity weather as much as possible! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary to us (April 28th!) my life is complete because of this guy! I am so thankful God picked him to be mine. It's been a great 14 years! I love the life we have created and our little family. I hope we are blessed like both our families to have a long healthy marriage together. Here's to many more years! 
What babies we were...and my have styles changed!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Camp Day at Shades

I can't imagine my kids going anywhere else!! HW is the best! I have taught in this system and now a parent in the system and love it. CHarlee kate has had an amazing K year! I couldn't have been happier! Friday was camp day for the grade level. Tents were set up, learning outside all day, and making ice cream in a bag! The kids loved it. I got to go help. My teacher skills come back pretty fast! (And the disciplining 😳)

It was the most beautiful day! Sunny and 65. My kind of weather!!

Charlee kate was totally into making her ice cream! She did not have time to stop for pictures 

Feeding Beckham some of the ice cream 
Picnic lunch with her friends!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

These moments...

I am sure the days of siblings fighting will does with everyone but right now these moments are priceless! Beckham adores Charlee Kate but the feeling is mutual. She loves him too! 

Pictures from my mom when we were in Dallas. He was so excited that she was home from school 

My favorite pictures! This just happened on the way home from walking to steel city pops one night. It was precious 

Charlee Kate is used to the fact that he wants to eat what she eats. So she always just feeds him whatever it is. She is his 2nd mother! 
One more example of her helping him...she always asks if she can do it! Love love! 

Dallas, Texas

We have been waiting on this trip for a year now. Last year we got the itch to try for acm awards tickets. It was the 50th anniversary celebration in Dallas at the Cowboys stadium. I never thought we would get the tickets but we were lucky enough for it to happen! 1 year later, the trip was finally here!

My mom had the kids and Chloe so she had a lot on her. We just prayed they were sweet for her those few days and I think the days turned out great. She got everyone here and there. It ended up being a much needed time away for Jeremy and Me. The last 4 weeks of surgery, reaction to meds, B's molars coming in...just lead up to a much needed mommy/daddy break. 

Our days in Dallas were fun. Sleeping in, walking to a late breakfast, little workouts, little pool time, little shopping! It was nice. 2 nights they had nonstop concerts at the Rangers stadium, which Weather delayed those quiet a bit. ACM day turned out to be beautiful and what a fun experience! I can honestly say...we would want to see this again Vegas next time. It really was a great experience. 

My pictures mom would send me. We would facetime the kids each night too
Bless his little heart! You can tell that is good sleep going on

First night out and about 
Good morning Dallas! 
Our morning walk to breakfast. Cute little marketplace area 
Everything's bigger in Texas! 
Two more cute pictures from mom

The ACM night! 
Our "pattoned" selfies! 
Inside the stadium 
We had great club level seats! There will never be another one this big at the Cowboys stadium! Glad we were there!
Coolest guy in the coolest camo blazer! Glow bracelets...souveys for the kids
After several days with cute shoes...high feet needed these for the airport and traveling home 

Vacations are always hard to end. Especially when they turn out how you want them too. But these little faces made it a good reason to be back home.