Monday, January 31, 2011

Warrior Dash

This post is all about Jeremy!!! I never have posts "just about him", but he does many many more good "deeds" than I do. He is absolutely the most amazing daddy and husband. He is always so supportive in all my races and things that I do. This was a particular race he and Mark wanted to do called the "Warrior Dash". It involved lots of obstacles meaning, tents with mud POOLS, jumping through tires, over hay, climbing things, jumping over fire, and ending with a huge mud pool. It was 3.5 miles. Costumes are huge for this race so Jeremy and Mark came up with these really cute costumes. Heather and I didn't get to see them until the actual race. We were laughing, but the guys had fun and did really good! Jeremy had a fever and shouldn't have done it, but still did it and he said it was easy so he must have done pretty good!!
Getting ready! We barely made it in time for them to hit their starting times, but they made it.

Time to start!!!! Heather and I couldn't see any of the race except the end

Here is the end.... the finish line. They are jumping over fire

Now hitting the mud pool with the barb wire overhead


What dorks! They crack us up
Here is where you shower off after you run.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kicked back and loving life!

This is one of the things my CHarlee Kate loves to do most! Ride in her wagon and hold that blankee!!! However, you will notice that i was in front of her the whole time and she refused to look at me for the pictures. But...... as soon as the camera wasn't in her face, she would laugh and sing. That little turkey! You would think I had this camera in her face all the time and she hates it, LOL!

I do love leg warmers still! They are so cute and easy with dresses. This is one of my old dresses.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Go Steelers!

I typed this up 2 days ago.... just forgot to post. OOPS!!!
For several several years now.... the Whatley's have become Steelers Fans. This is primarily because Kevin is from Pittsburgh and he is a big Steelers fan so now that is our NFL team of choice! On Sunday, we all went to K&K's house to watch the game and eat dinner. The kids had so much fun together. I laughed and laughed and laughed as I watched them play. Their favorite was Ring Around the Rosies. They get so excited to play this. I have it on video and hope to find a way to upload it. Until then, enjoy these pictures of our little Steeler fans!

Our little kiddos all ready for dinner! Pizza was their favorite and they did good for the most part sitting there to eat.
To Charlee Kate, the whole place was something new so she just loved all the excitement.

Climbing in and out of the high chairs. It is amazing how fun this is when they "aren't in their usual spots"

For some reason, playing with guns was lots of fun!
Here is Ring around the Rosies

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Chillaxing" and..... the Kitchen FINALLY!

What a great title... Chillaxing (my version of chilling and relaxing). That is basically what we have done since the holidays have been over. A lot of the reason is because after working all day, I just want to spend time with little Miss and Jeremy. I knew this would just be a "random" month. What I like to call "blah January"; however, it is has been a good time to just do nothing and the month is going by fast! Here are a few pictures of my lovey! Our days pretty much consist of coming home after school, playing all night until bedtime. That is why all of these pictures are when I caught her in the act of playing. We did take her to the Dunedin Market this morning, but I forgot my camera. IT seems like the next few weekends involve one of her grandparents coming to see her at some time or another so we are so excited about that! Enjoy all of our pictures!

My mom likes to teach her all of these gymnastic moves. She loves to flip and turn all the time

She loves to organize everything. I know this doesn't look organized at all, but if you could have seen the whole process she went through to get it right here, you can tell she was totally on a mission. I have no idea where she gets this organizing "thing"
At this point she was into things that she was not supposed to be getting into.

FINALLY here are pictures of her adorable adorable kitchen! I "invented this kitchen in my head" about 2 months ago. I just couldn't find any ANYWHERE that I loved and I kept thinking if Anthropologie had a child's kitchen what would it look like??? So this is what I came up with. I just never thought I could figure out how to make it work. Finding an old wooden kitchen is very very tough! Mom finally found one from a lady at her school; of course, it didn't look like this, it was very old, but was exactly what I needed. There is an amazing lady here in Tampa who can paint anything! I told her what I wanted and BAM she created it exactly like what I wanted! The next task was the knobs, I searched and searched, finally found those online, just got them in and now they are on! They are much cuter in person but match it perfectly and are distressed as well. The lamp is Kellys, but I am going to get something just like that b/c I like the color scheme and the Anthropologie look it all gives! Now I am trying to find old aluminum pieces to sit on top for her, but I was super excited with how it turned out. Thanks to mom and dad for "giving" this to her!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rainy day shopping and play date...

I could get used to these Mondays off!!! I love having a Monday off. Today it was very much a monsoon outside, but we had already planned on a play date so we stuck with it. It got Charlee Kate out of the house and she was so much fun today!!! Here are a few pictures of Mae and Charlee Kate playing. They play well in stores together! All of these were taken with my phone so they aren't as great as my good camera, but its all I had.

Just when I think Charlee Kate is getting hair (which she is in the back) she looks so bald with Mae. I can't wait for her to have all this hair like Mae : )

Waiting in the car for a store to open. It was just pouring!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Weekend...

Here are some very random thoughts, pictures, etc.... I hope you enjoy seeing what happens in our lives through my blog. It's our life and we love it.

Back to our routine we go. I know that I have been MIA this week. It has been a weird week, needless to say. Basically, without giving out TMI... my doctor got all my birth control straightened out from when I was nursing, etc... and I officially have my "cycle" back. YUCK! I haven't missed this at all! However, it did explain why I felt so "off". So, here is to a fabulous LONG week and what has happened in our lives....

* Looking forward to being off on Monday
* Looking forward to a very relaxing weekend!
* Jeremy is back to traveling some, I loved having him home. Charlee Kate really really misses him so he has to "face time" her on his i touch. She is a daddy's girl!
* My child loves to repeat lots of things that I say!!! It is really cute : ) I love to hear her just talk and talk, especially when she doesn't know I am listening.
* She gets so excited to go into Chick Fil A with me to get a Dr. Pepper. They call her the "Chick Fil A princess"
* CK cries a lot of times when I leave her at Martys. I definitely think it has NOTHING to do with Marty, but just me leaving her. Within 1 minute of me leaving, she is fine. My mom says this is payback BIG TIME since I cried up until 3rd grade, LOL
* I am super excited that half of January is over. If I had to pick a month of the year that was BLAH, this would be it. I just miss the holidays that is for sure.
* We have a gorgeous weekend ahead of us so I hope to have lots of pictures. I just love to take them even if my little girl doesn't want me to.
*As you will be able to tell from the next 8 pictures, my little lovey RUNS from the camera when I get it out; however, I refuse to give up. I will keep on trying. Here she is though and these are 2 of my most favorite outfits. If they made them in my size, I might have them, LOL!

She always wants to sit on the counter and watch me do whatever I am doing. I tell her all about it!

Jeremy put his socks on her feet. She thought this was so funny!
From time to time, I post little "Daily News" pictures of what my students have to say about me everyday. This week has been a Messy daily news week, but they still got the message on paper. I loved it! One day I had on cream colored dress and they said I was an angel.
Another day I had on a WILD skirt that is one of my favorites and I was the rainbow and swirly paint. This is why I do love this age and these kiddos!