Monday, February 28, 2011

My Girl has Gone Wild!

This could not have been a better weekend. Just gorgeous gorgeous weather! Lots of playing at the park, lots of resting, everything clean, and lots of fun! We spent forever at the park on Sunday with Charlee Kate playing, blowing bubbles, and just running in the grass. She loved it! My girl has "gone wild" though. Check out the pictures at the bottom!

Looking at the airplanes with her daddy!

Trying to blow bubbles herself, even though she wanted to eat them too!

Popping all the bubbles!

I ran in another half marathon on Sunday, the Gasparilla in Tampa. This is such a fun race! For those of you not in Tampa, Gasparilla has a lot to do with pirates, which is why Heather and I had these super cute shirts made!!! We did really good for the race and afterwards we had the best brunch! Then we were able to sit and talk with our coffee for about 45 minutes. It was so nice!

On Saturday.... just sitting in the doorway looking outside. She loves to just sit and look out

Friday afternoon, Charlee Kate was playing with Cooper. When I turned around, the straps on her bubble suit had fallen off and she was "shirtless" chasing Cooper (Pooper as she calls him). Heather and I were laughing!

I mean... she surprises me everyday with new sounds, new words, new sentences, and things she wants to do. Today she wanted diapers to put on her baby dolls. IT was so cute to watch her try to do this and she thought of this on her own.

Saturday morning, I walked into my bathroom to find this....
This is her doll crib, I wanted it to match all her other items. I designed it, had things made, and put it all together, LOL. Yes, I know it is just her doll crib, but I thought it was super cute!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh so sweet!

Those big blue eyes, that "flippy" blonde hair, and that "Jeremy Wilson" face, I could just eat her up. Of course, she is mine so I would feel that way, right??? I just love for her to ask me about everything these days and even show me what she knows. To me... her mommy.... she keeps getting cuter, but at the same time, she gets more opinionated and independent, LOL.

Oh FYI... sometimes the "date" on my post doesn't really go with the actual post. That is because I start typing it, then save it and post it later. That is why the dates get all wrong. I am going to try and do better so they don't get all confusing. SORRY!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Post overload

I just don't know why the last 2 weeks have been so hard for me to do everything under the sun, but they have been and my posts have slacked some. I like to be super mom but some days I fall on my job, LOL. There has been a lot of things happening, one of the most exciting, Charlee Kate and I made a very last minute decision to fly home to Bama. My granddaddy has been really sick the last 3-4 weeks and we really wanted to come home to see him. It has been super super nice being back in Bama since Christmas and being with our family and friends. It was actually very relaxing and that was something I needed. I feel like I can get through a few more weeks until Spring Break now.

Weather has just been gorgeous here! The latest updates, I totally feel like Charlee Kate is a little girl now, no more baby at all (except the hair part that is still growing). She talks so much saying everything, repeating everything, asking about everything, and I love it. I can just tell she is like a sponge and soaking it all in. She just gets to be more and more fun everyday. The only word that she likes to "wear out" is "NO". I wish that didn't happen, but I know it is just one of those words that kids say a lot. Enjoy all the pictures! There are tons of them!
This was a play date with our friend Mae. They had so much fun playing outside

Our friends Ayden and Cooper came down to the house as well. Ayden took Charlee Kate for a ride in Cooper's truck. I was a little nervous thinking CK may want to get out, but she LOVED just riding in it. She just sat still the whole time

Yes my camera was with me at Sams, LOL. She just loves books so we had to buy her some more
So pitiful I know, but yet so cute. She couldn't find her blankee or her "ba ba" as she calls it

Love love love the new shoes. One of my favorites
This is on the airplane heading to Bama. She was such an angel, just eating her snack and playing. She is used to this flying thing by now

Once mom picked us up.... she was out as soon as we left from lunch
We surprised my Grand parents at my granddad's party. Charlee Kate just loved playing with her cousins. We are so lucky to have such wonderful cousins that we are still close with!

These are all pictures that I took about a week ago... here is the post I had to go with it.

Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top!
Charlee Kate has on one of my favorite little outfits today.... her sweatshirt dress with cherries on it. I love it, even though she really looks like a big girl here.